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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  July 18, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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you can count on this, strong storm down the ride, looking good at 694 and bel air road. the storms are headed this way. it looks there. >> you go south of there toward the bay bridge and it's a mess. we still have an active warning for our friends down in anne arundel and extreme southeastern pg county, storms moving through annapolis, a severe thunderstorm watch for everyone until 9:00.
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here's maryland's most powerful radar. there's a broken line that goes from wilmington, the delaware bridge into d.c. i want to take you into some of the hotter spots. take a look at some of the lightning that crossed the bay. kent county seeing a tremendous amount of lightning. chester town, you look toward the north a tremendous amount of lighting in. annapolis, a tremendous lightning show. this is crossing over into the bay. special marine warnings, avoid any kind of activity along the bay for at least two to three hours as these are slow moving storms. so stevensville, 6:02. queens town at 6:29. this cell moves over the bay heading toward queen anne's county and kent county.
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temperatures falling well into the 70s and 80s out toward the west. we're going to detail a much drier forecast coming up in just a bit. it's one of the biggest farmers market in the baltimore area bring thousands there every sunday. forget about the fresh prow. many go for the specialty cooked meals at the market. the food is fresh, but is it safe. abc2's joce sterman has the answer. >> reporter: not all the faithful flock to church on a sunday morning. instead, some find true religion in nature found tucked in beneath the baltimore bridge. >> we've got tilapia. >> reporter: the message preached here is freshness. they have a foam cooked version
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of heaven. the freshest produce you can find but if you opt to let someone cook it here, will this be the safest. >> they want everything clone and fresh. >> reporter: she knows staying on target is a challenge. vendors who cook at the baltimore farmers market are missing things. even without freezers and cook tops, the rules are the same. >> we have a warmer, keep everything warm. we have to set up for hand washing. a matter of keeping everything clean and it's hard. >> reporter: hard because it's a matter of health. the vendors who cook on site -- >> we're still looking for the same kinds of things, anything that would contribute to a food borne illness. >> reporter: it's the job of the health department to make sure
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the food serve sped safe. inspectors check food temperatures and hand washing station. considering the food you're about to eat is cooked underneath the city's overpass, they make sure they have a cover to protect anything from falling from the bridge into your food. a lack of cover is not all we found. there are plenty of violations listed in this latest round of inspections. nine of the 12 vendors had at least one critical violation. they found food like sausages and potato salad out of equipment which could make you sick and food stored on the ground. the cooks didn't have anywhere to wash their hands while prepping your meal. high risk facilities like this are supposed to get at least one detailed comprehensive inspection a year although
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monitoring inspecs show up for the farmers market in 2010 and 2011, vendors got their first comprehensive check five days after we filed an information check to get the record. >> it's still very comprehensive even if it's just monitoring. >> the city says corrections are played no matter what type of inspections are done. they won't hesitate to shut down a vendor or the restaurant. it's proof they're keeping their eyes open for your safety. diners are also looking out for themselves. >> always check it out. when you're standings in time and cooking your stuff. >> clicken as its own cooler. >> reporter: leigh bailey knows those who walk the aisles are watching. >> we try real hard. >> reporter: the faithful at this sunday ritual are at her
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service. joce sterman. >> every vendor who cooks has a certified food manager and has gone through,en itsive training in food safety. are you wondering which violations are the most common? check out joce breaks down the vai lagses right there on more than 10 years after the september 11th terrorist attacks, the government may not be doing enough to keep us safe. terrorists may still be able to get flight training in the u.s. lawmakers questioned the troublesome findings during a hearing today. the report looked over the that is analysis of nearly 25,000 foreign nationals getting training from u.s. flight programs. it found that some of the foreign students who had received training had not been checked out by the tsa. that's troubling. coming up, this is a sure
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fire way to get arrested. a suspect feel has police -- steal has police cruiser and it's all caught on tape. and, an suv driven on to a car elevator. only the lift isn't there. what happened to the driver when we return. i'm meteorologist mike masco. you can search wmar. new severe storm warnings. we'll share that coming up next on the news at 5:30.
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look at this video. he's about to get behind the wheel of a police cruiser. the suspect is one of two wanted for a burglary in columbus, ohio. he tried to escape by taking the car. obviously, he didn't get very far. he crashed the cruiser into an apartment building. well, would-be thieves got quite a surprise when they tried to rob a florida internet cafe. a customer pulled out his gun and started shooting.
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the suspects, both 19, were shot. they were arrested and taken to a local hospital. they fames attempted robbery. the customer who shot them had a permit to carry that weapon, and he will not be charged. going down, a parking attendant in a new york city drives a luxury suv into an elevator but the elevator wasn't there. the car plunged four stories. they are expected to be okay. they're looking into how this mishap happened. a huge apartment building in new york went up in flames today. it took firefighters three and half hours to bring this six-alarm fire under control. you can see. dozens of residents were hurt. it caused part of the roof to colavements the cause of the fire is under investigation tonight. well, we're getting rain tonight but much of the country
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isn't so lucky. still ahead how this hot dry summer will impact cost of feeding your family and why produce won't be the only thing you'll be paying more for. >> like the white house? this november control of the senate is up for grabs. i'm tory dunnan on capitol hill with how some key races could lead to a shift in power. [ snoring ]
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the non-habit forming sleep-aid from the makers of nyquil. we got a toy recall to tell you b alex toys, trampoline for toddlers is being recalled because the handle bars can braifnlgt the model is 786x sold between january and march of 2012. if your child has this toy, call right away. now to some furniture that's being recalled, they're recalling full and twin size
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slay beds from the bordeaux collection. the head board and foot boards can detach causing an injury. if you own one of the beds you're asked to contact samuel lawrence for a free repair kit. >> shifting more toward the east but look what's going on to the south, montgomery county and pg county under flash flood warnings. we mentioned how they are slow moving storms. active severe thunderstorm warning as you go out to the east, kent county and queen anne's county. still an active severe thunderstorm watch. so maryland's most powerful
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radar showing the storms shifted. you can see this moving through kent county. it's producing 800 bolts per 15 minutes of lightning. talking about arnold, annapolis. this is right over the bay. that's moving into queen anne's county as we speak. it's right around route two, rock hall. the abc2 storm track showing us some of the time for arrivals around 6:26, centerville. dangerous lightning. flash flooding a concern. maybe some small hail. we'll be watching that storm last it continues to push off. let's take a look at kent island. showing us the dark ominous clouds rolling in. watch how the clouds rolling in
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from the west. this is a very interesting cloud. it looks like a shelf cloud bringing in the cool air, some impressive pictures, but bringing in the cool air. 84 in town. compare that to 99 in salisbury. 73 in frederick. we have quite the spread of temperatures as we are seeing some cooler air being dragged through with the thunderstorms. the heat index still feels like 107. so you'll get relief from the heat as we head into the rest the evening. 97 easton. you can see all the storms moving off toward the east, again, slowly as we have flash flooding concerns. into the 80s, another warm sticky night. maybe a scattered storm. as we move the timeline no friday, we'll be into the 80s,
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cooler. maybe a scattered sure or thunderstorm during the course of your friday afternoon. so the rest of the evening expect temperatures falling into the 80s, strong storms, humid. the temperatures falling back to 75. tonight it's a muggy night. your two degree guarantee brings us to 92 tomorrow. we'll call it unsettled for both tomorrow and friday. 84 degrees but a beautiful weekend. lots of sunshine, lower humidity and some of the long range guidance suggests, guess what? we're back into the 90s monday, tuesday and wednesday. >> sounds like a broken record. >> sounds like the new norm. it's normal, 90 to 100. i actually put up a blog, so check it out. >> thanks a lot. >> right now in democracy 2012 news, this week we've been looking at the five factors that
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could drastically reshape washington. we're looking at a showdown in the senate. things could be pretty tight. looking at a close battle. this is shaping up to be a showdown in the senate. >> we hope we can clean up the mess and repair the damage after the election. >> reporter: senate republicans smell blood in the water. >> democrats are certainly in trouble and they're concerned about losing the senate. >> reporter: the landscape could change in -- lead to a change in leadership. 10 republicans are up for reelection. many are considered a safe bet to keep their jobs. a few tossups will determine the balance of power. right now democrats hold a 54-47 advantage in terms of seats but eight seats could be up for
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grabs on the democrat side, but compare that with the republicans. republicans have three seats that could be up for grabs as well. make sure you keep a close eye on one in particular. >> frustrated and angry. >> reporter: republican senator olympia snowe of maine is so fed up with washington that she's not seeking another term that . neither side will likely and up with 60 seats, which is usually needed to end long debates and force a vote on anything. the bottom line, if republicans are able to gain a majority in the senate, that does not mean this will be smooth sailing for anyone, especially when it comes down to the more controversial legislation, things like healthcare and immigration regardless of who's elected president. >> looks like there will be
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close all the way around. jamie costello joining us. first, perryville and then maryland live! in anne arundel. a look at the future of slots. and we're already getting soaked tonight but it's been a hot dry summer, so how mother nature is playing with the prices at your produce stand and the farmers market right in our own backyards. those stories and more coming up. here's diane sawyer. >> coming up on world news, you saw the fire storm when the made in america team reported on the olympic uniforms made in china. the american bisnesses determined to have them made here at home.
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you can expect to pay more at the grocery store. why? the drought conditions are hurting the crops. we have more on how it can put a big depth in your wallet. >> the midwest is experiencing its first drought in decades and is taking a severe toll on corn. that means bigger grocery bills. we're not just talking about corn on the cob. the biggest may be felt in milk, beef mapped poultry. meat price cost jump as much as 10%. the average cost of beef which rang up at $4.45 in 2011 could jump 40 cents this year. don't expect prices to climb
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overnight. the full extent won't be known until the crops are harvested later this year. that means you might not feel the pinch until next year. experts say the increase may be brief. also, the department of agriculture said in the all food prices arise. cereal prices should remain constant because they're impacted by marketing and packaging costs. the drought could have wide reaching ramifications. good news on the housing front. home construction may be making a comeback. both housing starts and permits were new june compared to the same time last year. housing starts rose nearly 40% higher than june of last year. june's annual rate of 760,000 new residential construction projects marked the highest
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levels since october 2008. that water main may have been happening in downtown baltimore but it's affect the folks in anne arundel county. we'll tell you why on abc2 news at 6:00 which starts now. >> it is brutal. severe thunderstorms are moving through. >> what are the odds we could be tugging on one of those one armed ban diets. how close are we to allowing gambling in the city. >> a notorious annapolis paver apologizes for a scam that cost you thousands. harsh words were thrown from the bench. let's go outside. like a balloon ready to pop. we've been watching the storm


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